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Design Development

Our teams understand the processes involved in taking the design of a project from the architect’s inception through to construction. Our experience building complicated fit-out projects makes us an asset to the design development process as we are able to advise the client and architect of the most appropriate ways to construct different elements of the project taking into account construction capability, quality, sustainability, price, and programme.

Our drawings are a useful tool when setting out different elements of a project and when making clarifications with the architect.

We have excellent management tools in place to track the design development process and ensure we have accurate records of drawings, sketches, and document submittals.

We can provide:

  • Sketches and CAD to illustrate design development and propose final product.
  • Swift Crafted Drawings & Drawing Registers.
  • An O&M Manual upon project completion which includes Swift Crafted drawings.
  • Design development solutions from experienced professionals.

Previous Examples:

  • Bodleian Library (Weston Library, formerly the New Bodleian Library)

Our works at the Bodleian library were extensive and we enjoyed working with the client to achieve complicated and sometimes intricate designs.

One example of the Swift Crafted team assisting in the design development process was the stack timber cladding adjacent to the timber clad ceiling as shown in the images above. The Swift crafted drawings illustrate the corner details, hidden fixing details, and setting out for this complicated cladding element.

Bespoke Shelving Unit – Design Development

Communicating with the Architect and working to achieve their goals is an important part of the design process. The above images show the development of the bespoke shelving unit and below is the finished product.

Bespoke Shelving Unit – Final Product

  • St. John Bosco College:

Sports Hall External Cladding Design Development

Sports Hall External Cladding – Final Product

Conception to Construction:

We have selected some images to illustrate how Swift Crafted can take the architects design through to a bespoke finished product.

  • Foyles Commercial Fit-out:

Staircases and Balustrades:

Foyles Commercial Bookshop had an open plan design which was an inviting space for customers to browse and explore. Below illustrates one element of our package here which was to fit the staircases and balustrades between the different floors.

  • Private Residential Fit-out:

Specialist Storage and Wardrobe Units

This unit was designed specifically to store an extensive record collection. The finished product is edgy yet elegant and Swift Crafted worked hard to ensure the finish was as the client had imagined.

Below are some more examples from across the residential project showing unique designs with a quirky and yet sophisticated edge. Our teams had to work closely with the Client Architect to ensure we could achieve design intent.

Design and Install Specialist Doors:

Across the board Swift Crafted produce both standard and bespoke items relating to carpentry, joinery, and fit-out. Swift Crafted excel working on large door packages with our clients; we also take on the design development of specialist doors for both private and commercial clients. Below are some images we have selected to show bespoke doors from a residential project.